Meeting new people

It’s amazing how close we can get with new people we meet in a couple of days.

I arrived at Nanjing airport about a month ago and sat in a bus with twenty other high school students like me from all over America. We were heading towards the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, where we would spend the next three weeks for a CTY summer camp. I failed to start a conversation. I never got a chance to introduce myself until I sat down with twelve other boys who belonged to our hall. Each hall represented something of a college dorm, except it was only much smaller. Our hall was made up of thirteen boys, including me.

It took me only about a couple of hours to learn everyone’s names, and a couple of days to talk to them like we have known each other for several months. It was during our second week that we jokingly made a group name that soon became our symbol of friendship–The Iron Condors. Childish as it sounds, this name may not mean anything to others who have never been to Nanjing CTY 2008, but it is something that I’ll remember lifelong. It has added another chapter of memories in my life.

The Iron Condors

The Iron Condors


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