Although I havn’t seen the movie “23,” (I’d love to.. anyone got a DVD?) I know it’s more or less about how the number 23 is related to our world in many ways. We have 23 pairs of chromosomes, for example. But it’s not just the number 23 that has had hundreds of thousands of people awe-struck who have seen the movie. The number 8 is a lucky number in China (hence the Beijing Olympic this year starts on 2008.08.08 08:08:08 PM), and the number 13 is an unlucky number in many western cultures like the number 4 in eastern cultures.

And, we all have our own personal favorite or lucky numbers. Mine is 37. Originally I just liked the numbers 3 and 7 (interestingly enough, most people like odd numbers more than even numbers), and I combined them to make 37 about 7 years ago. But after a while I’ve seen the number too often around me that it has become my number.

I’m sure you have a number that you see it too often, or even just think it a lucky number, but I think it’s all too psychological. Just because we keep thinking about it, we happen to recognize it often. Or maybe there are just some lucky coincidental events.


One Response to “Numbers”

  1. Georgina Ed. Says:

    Eddie, dude I totally get what ur saying…I see my lucky number everywhere now!

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