Seeing is believing?









The Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony was surely one of the most splendid shows I’ve seen in a long while. From the floating five rings to the countdown with 2008 drummers (which I think is what I’ve heard from the Korean commentators) every scene was beyond imaginable in both scale and quality. As amazing as it is to see so such precise coordination, it was even more so to hear the news that some were not genuine.

I’m sure you remember the girl on the left, who was featured in one of the highlights of the opening ceremony. But it turns out that her voice was not actually hers, but the girl on the right. The decision to “lip-sync” was made because the girl on show had to be “flawless,” and I’m assuming it’s mostly because of the looks. Uneven teeth arrangement, I guess I can call, may not be too attractive on screen and may not exactly align with the way they do it back in hollywood.

The girl may never know what happened, or even probably be heartbroken because of the fact that a prettier girl “used her voice” to fame and become a nationwide celebrity. Nevertheless, I think this whole scandal shows how media over decades has centered a little too much value in aesthetics.  The unfortunate reality of the televised media is prevalent worldwide in everyday shows I believe, and I guess this is a landmark that shows its eptiome.

Controversies continue with the Chinese government’s manipulation in their digitalized fireworks during the opening ceremony, and the worldwide scrutiny over the age of Chinese gymnastic Gold Medalists. Sight, biology and psychology tells us, is the primary mode of senses that we use everyday. Whether what we see be a reality or a fake, it’s interesting how we seem to believe whatever is televised on TV.

-this post is a response to another blog post.


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