Daft Punk is known for its electronica genre. Its “robotic” image is evident in the synthetic voices in all its songs and robotic images in its music videos. This is a music video one of my favorite Daft Punk songs that I’ve discovered this January–Something About Us, from the album Discovery.

One of the most interesting thing about this song was its lyrics that seemed so simple (like all other Daft Punk songs with its super-repetitive lyrics) yet inspired me in many ways. In a way I guess you can say the lyrics say much about my thoughts at times.

But from looking at the video, I found another interesting thing about the song. The video seems to portray the robots speaking these lyrics, which almost seem impossible with our solid image of robots as emotionless machineries. The video shows robots shaking hands, looking at each other, and seemingly emotional. The song is about love (like all other songs these days..) but the incorporation of the robots seem an interesting and an unusual juxtaposition.

Try looking at the scene at 2:38. A robot helmet flashes the word “DREAM.” Speaking of dreams, I’ve had one of the weirdest connections to my own dreams. I was not too happy waking up from a sad dream on a Sunday morning, and later feeling a sore throat. This is not the first time I’ve felt sick after dreaming something sad.


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