There are always songs that stay in your head with certain images, certain places, or certain events. There are just moments where when you listen to a song, it sticks to that moment as if it had found a permanent space in your brain as something we call a memory.

Well, this song is a song by Radiohead I HAVE to listen to on a bus ride from an hotel in Amsterdam hotel to Schipol Airport the day we live from a ten day THIMUN trip in Netherlands back to Korea. I’ve been to the trip three times now (and definately looking foward to my fourth one) and this song reminds me of the mood I get on the bus trip that’s impossible to put into words.

Have you got songs in your memory?

Oh and by the way, Radiohead may be only known by some for its most normal song, Creep, but other songs are pretty interesting like this one although some may seem a bit idiosyncratic. (live perfomances do seem a little too crazy, but I’d love to go to one)


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