Hey Boy Hey Girl – The Chemical Brothers

I usually listen to all kinds of music, normally one genre every few weeks. One genre holds me for those few weeks before I get bored of it and search for some other genre. Electronica is one of those genres that I revisit often. Despite its repeating nature, which some find rather too repetitive and mind-boggling, electronica songs to me are interesting musical space in which simple rhythms and melodies are twisted and applied into an intriguing creation.

The Chemical Brothers is a band I recently discovered that creates very interesting music videos and electronica songs. The songs by this band falls under the same genre with band I have listen to for years, Daft Punk, but a song like this (Hey Boy Hey Girl) has something different from any of Daft Punk’s songs. The simple and repetitive lyrics are similar to that of Daft punk, but the voices aren’t electronized and the music seems more identifiable in many ways.

This particular video is interesting because of its constant reference to the bone structure in the human body. In the beginning it begins with a girl discovering what’s really beneath her skin. Later in the video, the same girls apparently sees all human beings as skeletons. The whole video portrays a rather freaky image, but it poses an interesting viewpoint. Without the skin and without all the additional features that make us “unique” and “identifiable,” we are nothing but skeletons that we can’t distinguish one from another.

So what does your skeleton look like?


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