This is a response to another blogpost.

As globilization pervades through many societies worldwide, the mainstream culture often forces original, sectional cultures to divide and dilate. Original cultures slowly lose their identity in the face of outside influences. Diaspora is a word that refers to this rather unfortunate phenomenon.

African diaspora often refers to the spread of Africans to other continents across oceans due to the introduction of slavery. As portrayed in the novel Things Fall Apart, african cultures lose their traditions due to the better technology and other beliefs introduced by outisde societies such as the white emissaries in the novel.

Similarly in Korea, American influences drive a diaspora that slowly embeds itself in the Korean culture. The Korean traditions are secluded and isolated to distant rural areas, and cities are filled with American brands and shops. Korea has one of the most immigrants and abroad citizens working and studying in America, and it is common to find any typical Korean student studying English.


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