Modernism! (Blog #21)


This is a response to another blogpost.


Simmons Hall @ MIT

This is one of the dorm buildings at MIT. This building portrays one of the unconventional ways in which architecture developed in the modernism era.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera

HouseThe Sydney Opera House is one of the most prominent architecture that represents the elements of modernism. The structure of the building is obviously unconventional, and involves intricate use of modern technology. The inspiration for the building is said to have come from randomly peeled orange peels. 


Luigi Russolo

Luigi Russolo


Luigi Russolo is a musician that incorporated elements of modernism in forms of music. He incorporated a variety of sounds that were not known to be used as forms of “music.”

Picassos Massacre in Korea
Picasso’s Massacre in Korea

The drawing above is an example of modernism in paintings. Picasso is recognized as one of the most prominent artists in the modernism era, who represented human beings in abstract ways, as shown above in the right. He incorporated technological aspect in to human beings.


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